Shoe designer Bárbara Briones created her namesake brand in 2006 inspired by the concept of moving art.

The particularity of its collections lies in its quality, exclusivity and originality. Its creations combine both contemporary and traditional handcraft techniques for show design, using materials such as metal, wood and leather ensembles.


For the designer, the key is not to neglect any detail during the creation cycle of each piece. The creative process involves a careful analysis of new trends in different disciplines and drawing each design by hand.

Both the selection of materials and the manufacture of each pair of shoes are developed in an organic way, discovering in the process textures and possibilities of new shapes.


The manufacture of each of the designs is carried out in Barbara Briones’ workshop in Chile, with the help of a team of talented artisans, a fundamental part in the different stages of production.

Bárbara Briones discovered her passion for shoe design in Buenos Aires, where from the hand of different craftsmen fell in love with the trade. Inspired to take that vocation further, she travelled to Europe, first to London to study at Cordwainers-London College of Fashion, and then to Italy, to Ferragamo’s workshop, to do an internship in the bags and accessories design. She returned to Chile in 2009 to launch her brand.

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